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WorkWave Case Study

How a field service technology software company created a secure, PCI compliant payment solution.

Case study

“We didn’t really have a ton of experience in payments compliance, since this was the first time we were entering this space. But the RSI Security team was always patient with us, explaining what we needed. It really felt like they were along with us at every step to make sure we were successful.”

- Jason Thompson, Director of Technology Operations at WorkWave


From plumbing and electrical work to pest control and landscaping, field service technicians and repairmen are a major part of what keeps our world working. It’s precisely why field service technology software company WorkWave exists, to drive success across all aspects of the field service, repair, and maintenance process for both technicians and customers.

And as part of their mission to help businesses of all size increase profitability, Workwave recently decided to roll out a payment solution – called WorkWave Payments – to streamline on-site payments, lower costs, and provide an improved customer experience.

A major reason why WorkWave developed the WorkWave Payments solution is they wanted to provide a better payment processing infrastructure and experience for its customers and their technicians. But as their first foray into the payments space, WorkWave needed to ensure that all of the technology, payment infrastructure, and cybersecurity measures were compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS for short.

That meant enlisting the RSI Security to ensure WorkWave Payments was PCI compliant, reassuring all customers on the WorkWave platform that their sensitive payment data is safe and secure.


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Jason Thompson, WorkWave’s director of technology operations, recalls the challenges when first mapping out how they would tackle PCI compliance for their new payment solution with RSI Security.

“It was my first experience with PCI DSS and working with an auditor,” says Jason. “It was hard working within those defined requirements and creating a process for compliance. What we really needed was someone to guide us along the way.”


Jason points out that, although WorkWave may have started slowly in terms of gathering the necessary documentation, the RSI Security team was calm, understanding, and helpful throughout the entire process.

“The RSI Security team was always patient with us, explaining what we needed. It really felt like they were along with us at every step to make sure we were successful, providing things like documentation templates that we could leverage,” Jason says.



In the end, RSI Security’s delivery and project team were able to thoroughly assess the PCI compliance issues related specifically to the WorkWave Payments solution, and bring things up to speed in time for the planned product roll-out.

“RSI Security definitely has a great service and delivery team. Kudos to them,” says Jason.


Since working with RSI Security, WorkWave Payments is now live, functional – and most importantly – secure for all of WorkWave’s customers.

“We have payments flowing through and everything is successful,” Jason remarks. “We’re now all set up with our own payment infrastructure and capabilities.”

A secondary result is that WorkWave can now advertise that they’re PCI compliant on the WorkWave Payments webpage, with a badge that RSI Security provides after working with all customers. As pictured below:

Finally, WorkWave’s experience with RSI Security proved to be highly educational and positive in establishing a culture more mindful of cybersecurity and compliance.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 5.50.20 PM

“We were certainly following industry standards, but I wouldn’t say we were looking heavily at compliance,” Jason concludes. “We looked at certain practices, and now are sure we’re doing things the right way. In that sense, our work with RSI Security had a positive impact on our culture and was certainly eye-opening.”

- Jason Thompson, Director of Technology Operations at WorkWave


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