Open Source Scanning (OSS) Vulnerability Automation Services



Mitigate Open Source Vulnerabilities and Risks with OSS Automation Services

RSI Security’s OSS scan tool helps organizations comply with the requisite open-source licenses necessary to secure your network and critical data. Our open source scanning tools ensure that you’re using best-of-breed applications designed to protect your customers’ data, and most importantly, retain their trust.

Our OSS scan technology can help your organization:

  • Diagnose security vulnerabilities to better manage cyber risks
  • Comply with open-source standards, regulations, and best practices
  • Better manage obligations related to open source licenses
  • Integrate other cybersecurity services with our code vulnerability scanner
  • Secure on-premise software applications via open source scanning tools
  • Seamlessly create third-party notices for key partners and stakeholders
  • Access and utilize open source compliance library
  • Automatically enforce policies at every stage of your processes

RSI Security can provide your business with some of the best web vulnerability scanner technologies to help you take a proactive stance against malicious actors. We’ll help you implement and manage an OSS scan tool that is designed to reduce the risk that any of your critical systems or sensitive data will be compromised by any potential cyber-attack or breach.

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What is open source scanning?

Open source scanning refers to the security measures that are used to mitigate the risks associated with open-source software. Although free or low-cost, open source computing solutions often carry less security assurance by default. As a result, OSS scanning usually incorporates file system and open-source component scanning to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and comply with open-source best practices and standards.

What Is an Open Source Vulnerability Scanner?

Open source vulnerability scanners are used in open source security scanning to identify vulnerabilities in applications, networks, and databases. OSS scan tools are often freely available under open-source licenses, allowing them to be freely modified and built upon.

This means organizations can customize open source vulnerability scanners for internal use or adapt other tools to their specific needs. Organizations can leverage the fact that the open-source community is working together to keep these tools effective against newly-emerging threats.

Open source tools are available for certain enterprise products; in turn, many enterprise products and services include optimizations for wholly or partially open-source infrastructure.

How does open source scanning work?

Open source scanning is the process of using open source scanning tools to find vulnerabilities in systems and software. These tools are run on a device to:

  • Identify the device's operating system
  • Identify software installed on the device
  • Identify accounts, open ports, and other details as specified
  • Report on systems identified on a network
  • Report on any identified vulnerabilities

Security teams can then use this information to evaluate and address these vulnerabilities. 


Is Open Source Potentially Harmful to Your Business?

Open source code can be incredibly useful in terms of saving your business time, money, and software development resources. But without the proper open source software scanning tools, you’ll be subjecting your organization to the following risks:

  • Security vulnerabilities such as CVEs identified in the National Vulnerability Database
  • Common software weaknesses like those in the SANS Top 25 or OWASP Top 10
  • Other risks such as those associated with license violations or IP ownership
  • Regulatory gaps related to lack of open source compliance management software

Benefits of OSS Automation Managed Services

The use of open source vulnerability scanning automation provides a wide array of benefits to your business, company, or organization:

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Faster Time to Market

Develop and create software or applications by linking existing components, as opposed to building and implementing them from scratch. Open source software scanning tools help you mitigate risk and ensure a secure network, allowing you to focus on getting your products or services to market at lighting speed.

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Increased Quality

Open source or not, any and all software components may contain defects. By focusing your efforts on specialized software components, you’ll produce higher quality results than having a team of developers duplicate development and problem-solving efforts.

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Enhanced Community

Using source code vulnerability scanner technology helps you interact more effectively with the open source community. You’ll be able to contribute new features, report bugs, and share in both the costs and benefits of the code base with others.

RSI Security’s OSS Automation Features


Sweeping Coverage

RSI Security’s code vulnerability scanner supports a wide array of languages and containers to cover the entirety of your code.


Extensive Database

Access our large database of vulnerabilities that constantly aggregates information from the NVSD, security advisories, and open source issue trackers.


Incredible Accuracy

Our OSS scan tool use algorithms that match both quality and security issues of impacted libraries to prevent false positives.


Cost Effective

RSI Security’s open source tracking software will help you mitigate risk in a cost efficient manner in alignment with your technology budget.


Simple Remediation

We’ll provide our best web vulnerability scanner to provide validated, crowdsourced fixes that facilitate fast resolution.

Open Source Scanning (OSS) Automation Service FAQs

Open-source development is becoming more commonplace, and vulnerabilities in open source code are always being found. The very nature of open source solutions makes them especially vulnerable to attack, since source code is often widely available and easily accessible online.

Open source vulnerability scanning mitigates these threats, protects data, and is a necessary step in achieving open source compliance. RSI Security's OSS automation services provide additional benefits by removing the risk that can come with navigating this process manually.

The best open source scanning automation services will ensure your organization meets open source requirements. A comprehensive service will provide:

  • Resilient scanning
  • Fully authorized, authenticated scans
  • Findings provided in a machine-readable format
  • CVSS risk scores

RSI Security's OSS automation tool offers extensive compatibility, a current, consistently-updated database of threats, and highly-accurate results to facilitate prompt resolutions.


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