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fisma compliance services

If your organization does business or contracts with the U.S. federal government, you’re probably subject to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). FISMA is a federal regulation for improving the overall security posture of governmental bodies. This includes federal bureaus, agencies, departments - as well as external subcontractors and vendors.

FISMA compliance mandates all third-parties that do business with the federal government meet FISMA standards. This is verified via an annual FISMA audit and assessment, where you’ll work directly with the government to demonstrate that your system security plan is up to par. To make sure you meet FISMA compliance requirements - and maintain your government contracts - you’ll want to work with an experienced compliance partner.

A certified FISMA compliance advisor like RSI Security can help you tackle the following essential steps towards FISMA compliance:

  • Inventory of critical information systems
  • Risk-based categorization of systems and data
  • Security control audit and remediation
  • Complete risk assessment of systems and data
  • Develop and implement a system security plan
  • Ongoing FISMA certification and accreditation
  • Continuous compliance and threat monitoring

Covering all the above FISMA requirements will help you obtain - and keep - an authority to operate (ATO) as a certified partner of the federal government. FISMA’s goal is to ensure that all sensitive information pertaining to the government or individual citizens is protected to the utmost, especially when third-parties are involved.

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Our FISMA Compliance Services

  • Audit and prepare to meet FISMA security requirements
  • Integrating FISMA cloud standards into your IT stack
  • Penetration testing to ensure you meet security requirements
  • Dedicated FISMA expert to help you understand audit requirements
  • Work with both FedRAMP and FISMA governmental bodies
  • A full assessment of security controls, both digital and physical
  • FISMA compliance advisory services for each step of the way

Benefits of being FISMA Compliant

  • Adopting FISMA guidelines as a risk management framework
  • Continuous cybersecurity monitoring and assessment
  • Promotes security organizational awareness and training
  • System security plan for response and remediation
  • FISMA cloud standards help protect your data in the cloud
  • Reduce the risk of losing federal contracts or your ATO
  • Maintain a strong security posture to reduce data breach risk


Why Work with RSI Security for FISMA Compliance?

RSI Security’s personalized approach is designed to get our clients FISMA certified in record time - and with minimal stress. Our compliance and cybersecurity experts have intimate knowledge of FISMA levels, FISMA control requirements, and the overall FISMA framework. We’ll help you take FISMA security measures to the next level by mapping out your access controls, developing a system security plan, and gathering the proper documentation.

FISMA reporting requirements can be complex, so RSI Security will be there to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Our team also has years of experience helping local and state governments improve their cybersecurity posture, as well as working with vendors and subcontractors to ensure compliance.


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