Business Privacy Shield Program Guide


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What is Privacy Shield Certification?

The EU Privacy Shield framework was developed by the U.S. and European Union to safeguard private data transmission between the two continents.

The privacy shield agreement sets standards for both employee and customer data transfers, as well as any use of third party vendors.

So if your business or organization exchanges data between the U.S. and E.U., you’ll want to strongly consider privacy shield self-certification to ensure all data privacy shield requirements are met.

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Prepare for EU-US Privacy Shield Self Certification

RSI Security provides a wide range of assessment, verification and dispute resolution throughout the Privacy Shield Self-Assessment process:

  • Privacy Policy Review and Creation
  • Compliance Assessment and Verification
  • Privacy Shield Certification Training
  • Ongoing Certification Maintenance

Overview of RSI Security’s Privacy Shield Program

Make Privacy Shield self-certification a breeze with the guidance and expertise of RSI Security’s EU Privacy Shield Framework program. As one of the top data protection vendors in the country, RSI Security will help ensure that you’re up to Privacy Shield US-EU standards.

Showing that your certification of Privacy Shield is now a critical element in any effective, global cybersecurity compliance strategy. RSI Security will help you become one of the many privacy shield certified companies, from your Privacy Shield application through self-certification.


Benefits of Working with RSI security


Business Efficiency

By completing Privacy Shield self-certification with RSI Security, you’ll avoid much of the time consuming legal research and technical writing. Our experienced team will take certification tasks off your plate so you can focus on what matters: your business.


Guaranteed Assurance

The privacy shield agreement affects multiple departments, individuals and stakeholders across your organizations. RSI Security will provide a rigorous, thorough EU privacy shield assessment that lets everyone in your company rests easy at night. 


Compliance Expertise

RSI Security doesn’t just help you go the distance in obtaining your Privacy Shield self-certification. Out compliance experience and expertise enable us to think strategically on your behalf and improve cybersecurity and compliance outcomes across the board.


How can RSI Security Assist Your Organization with Privacy Shield Self-Certification?

RSI Security has all the bases covered when it comes to your Privacy Shield self-certification.

Privacy Shield Assessment

We’ll help you tick all the boxes of the privacy shield checklist. RSI Security will conduct a complete gap analysis of your data security and transfer practices and help fill in any gaps to help you meet privacy shield agreement standards.

Custom Privacy Review

RSI Security’s custom privacy review process will guide what actionable steps need to be taken in order to achieve Privacy Shield self-certification. Our team will review your organization’s current technologies, processes and practices prior to verification.

Verification & Maintenance

Once your Privacy Shield certification is complete, we’ll make sure your verified and ready to tell your team and partners that you’re good to go. Our third-party verification services also go hand-in-hand with ongoing privacy certification training to ensure year-round compliance.


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