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What Is Risk Threat and Vulnerability Management?

Security threats and trends are constantly evolving requiring effective, preemptive efforts for managing threats and vulnerabilities that may compromise your data. RSI Security offers comprehensive consistent intelligence into your company’s data, applications, software and network security risks to pro-actively identify, investigate and respond to threats and security vulnerabilities.

We break down the complex task of reducing risk by first conducting an asset inventory to identify all potential targets for a breach or attack. Targets are then classified and continuously monitored for new potential vulnerabilities and tested against threat modeling, which identifies your organization's most valuable assets that are at the highest risk of being compromised. We also consider an attacker’s perspective to provide analysis that can determine vulnerabilities as they develop.

As part of our approach, we develop procedures based on test and scan results and deploy patches to fix possible vulnerabilities narrowing the attack surface. Using an iterative process, RSI Security also assists your organization in defining policies, standards, specifications and best practices to establish access restrictions and configuration settings that harden your organization’s IT infrastructure against threats.

Our thorough analysis of the risks that vulnerabilities pose allows your organization to develop a robust, formal threat and vulnerability management program that reduces the potential impact to all your critical applications and networks.

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Our Threat & Vulnerability Management Solution Services

Threat Intelligence

RSI Security provides threat and vulnerability management services to the world’s leading companies to prevent future data breaches. Integrating cyber threat intelligence—relevant information about past threats and general threat and vulnerability management knowledge—is crucial to any comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

Some benefits of threat intelligence integration include:

  • The use of past and present company-specific data for breach prevention
  • Increased expertise in incident response for rapid, responsive recovery
  • Streamlined investigation and breach reporting procedures

At RSI Security, threat intelligence monitoring is key to achieving the vulnerability management objectives that keep your data secure.

Risk Assessments

With the help of thorough risk assessments, RSI Security builds customized threat and vulnerability management plans specifically tailored to your system’s unique needs. We evaluate the threat and vulnerability profile of your system to identify potential breaches before they happen, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe from cyber and physical threats. 

Patch Management

Patch management can be labor- and time-intensive, but it’s a vital portion of an effective threat vulnerability and risk plan. RSI Security can monitor every third-party software and hardware provider’s website to ensure that your system is always up-to-date. 

RSI Security’s threat and vulnerability management services are designed with function in mind. To keep your system up and running, fully protected from cyber attacks, we’re highly responsive to requests for individual patch availability reports.

Penetration Testing

Routine penetration testing is an innovative component of threat and vulnerability management solutions. Penetration tests simulate cyber attacks, identifying potential access points that assailants could use to view, steal, or exploit your secure database.

RSI Security completes penetration across your system, testing the fortitude of:

  • Firewalls
  • Network security infrastructure
  • Cloud computing systems
  • Web applications
  • Hardware
  • Mobile apps
  • Compliance tools

RSI Security is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) with over ten years’ experience helping companies achieve their vulnerability management objectives.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment Scans

Any threat and vulnerability management solution should continuously monitor systems for known threats. Enter the continuous vulnerability assessment scan—a constant, watchful eye on your critical data and infrastructure. RSI Security’s assessments mitigate vulnerability management risks, hardening your network against potential attacks. 

Website Application Security Assessment

Your web app is likely one of your most valuable assets—and it deserves unique protection. RSI Security’s web application security assessment tools harness high-powered testing and threat intelligence to identify weaknesses in your web apps.

Regain control of your web app security with a threat vulnerability management program tailored to your web applications’ specs.

Root Cause Analysis

A critical concluding stage in the incident response process, a root cause analysis report provides a detailed investigation of a cybersecurity event. Reports include a few key elements that will inform your threat intelligence and vulnerability management plan:

  • Introductory information and analysis summaries
  • Detailed descriptions of the physical or cyber event
  • Forensic methodologies used throughout the investigation
  • Root cause conclusions and findings, updated in real-time
  • Recommendations for corrective strategies and cyberdefense optimization

Security vulnerability management plans should incorporate every possible defense measure. But when breaches occur, root cause analyses provide invaluable information for system security protection.

Risk Rating Report

A risk rating report can take a number of different forms, but it can be one of the most important steps to achieving your vulnerability management objectives and cybersecurity goals. RSI Security’s risk rating reports help you determine your system's threat vs. risk characteristics, providing a strong foundation for an actionable cybersecurity hardening plan.

By reviewing your internal risk factors, external threat potential, and vulnerabilities introduced by your strategic partner network, a risk rating report can lay the groundwork for an airtight threat and vulnerability management program.

Cloud Security Assessment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

Your system is only as secure as its components, and your cloud platforms are no exception. RSI Security’s cloud security services protect you from cloud attacks, help restrict physical and digital access, and bolster third-party security features. 

Internet of Things (IOT) Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the nearly-countless collection of devices that employees and stakeholders use to access your network. But, with more devices comes increased risks—you need an IoT device monitoring plan that addresses your business’s one-of-a-kind security demands.

RSI Security provides vulnerability management for IoT security, helping you protect the data and the infrastructure that keep your company running. 

Threat Lifecycle Management

The cybersecurity threat lifecycle is the chain of events that lead to a cyber attack. RSI Security will manage every step in the process, including:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Weaponization and delivery
  • Exploitation
  • Installation
  • Command and control
  • Execution

Malicious assailants form multi-pronged approaches to breach your system—thus, your cybersecurity plan must be prepared to respond at every stage.

Asset Management

Threat and vulnerability management services, in part, protect your company’s most vital and valuable assets. The IT asset management lifecycle presents unique challenges at every stage:

  1. Strategy and development
  2. Onboarding and integration
  3. Active security management
  4. Disposal and archiving

RSI Security’s asset management services respond to the unique needs of your organization, protecting your infrastructure from infancy to replacement. 

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

The stages of vulnerability lifecycle management—the practices that optimize your infrastructure—include:

  • Vulnerability awareness
  • Asset prioritization
  • Analysis and repair of weaknesses
  • Verification of threat elimination

All four stages represent critical parts of your threat vulnerability management program, and RSI Security has the expertise to tackle every objective.

3 Things that Make Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyber Crimes


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A threat (or threat actor) is an individual or system with the potential to exploit vulnerabilities, which can decimate your system, expose your data, or exploit your company’s resources.

A vulnerability is a weakness or gap in an organization’s security infrastructure that could be exploited by a threat or threat actor.

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses, whereas threats represent the possibility of a weakness materializing into a cybersecurity event (i.e., a breach or attack). Many security programs refer to the relationship between threats and vulnerabilities as risk.

Vulnerabilities can be grouped into a few different types, including but not limited to:

  • Encryption issues
  • Insider threats
  • Authentication shortcomings
  • Insufficient protection methods

Vulnerabilities can be digital or physical:

  • Unlocked doors or rooms
  • Firewall weaknesses
  • Security camera blind spots

Threats can also take a variety of forms:

  • Unauthorized system users
  • Physical asset thieves
  • Malware

Companies can use a variety of tools to identify vulnerabilities and threats:

  • Penetration tests
  • Vulnerability assessment scans
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Risk rating reports

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