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What are Security Advisory Services?

Today’s complex and volatile technology environment means cybersecurity threats are constant and change dramatically overnight as new technologies introduce new vulnerabilities open to exploitation. It is a challenge to balance the opportunities new technologies provide with the need to ensure your organization’s sensitive information is protected and IT infrastructure and systems are secure and compliant. RSI Security advisory services ensure your organization is constantly improving protection and limiting exposure from increasingly sophisticated security threats in the digital age.

RSI Security consults with your organization and offers comprehensive guidance in building and implementing a strategic security program that adapts to your business needs, and complies with all regulatory mandates your industry faces. Through analyzing and testing your organizations existing systems, our consultants provide guidance on short and long-term security strategies that design and deploy solutions that ensure an efficient and secure IT environment.

Our approach prioritizes maximum effectiveness of your IT security investment and continuously analyzes its effectiveness in order to allocate the appropriate resources that align with your business, operational and financial goals. RSI becomes an extension of your existing technology team to work together to achieve your security program goals.

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Who Needs Security Advisory Services?

In today's digitally-connected world, every organization has sensitive data to protect and thus may benefit from security advisory services. Information may be protected by industry- or location- specific regulations, or clients and consumers may expect certain data privacy assurances. In many cases, security advisory can provide a competitive advantage.

Security advisory professionals help small organizations that don't have the resources for an internal team and large organizations that need complex guidance and support. As data stores scale upward, security advisory providers insights to optimize cyberdefense efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Security Advisory Services?

There are many ways an organization can benefit from security advisory services.

Cybersecurity advisory professionals like the experts at RSI Security offer services based on the specific needs of your organization, including:

  • Personnel awareness education and training
  • Threat assessment
  • Security policy development support
  • Audit preparation
  • Incident response

Cybersecurity advisory services provide the support your organization needs before, during, and after cyber attacks and events. They make breaches less likely, minimize their impact, facilitate recovery, and help sustain long-term, robust security policies to assure clients and stakeholders.

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Benefit from round-the-clock security monitoring and management by a dedicated team of security experts and technologies that enable you to focus on activities that are core to growing your business.

Our Security Program Advisory & Consultation Services

Security Program Development

With today's complex, ever-changing threats, an organization that values security will need a cybersecurity development program. RSI Security's skilled security program development teams will help layout and execute a detailed plan designed specifically for your organization's needs.

Security Staff Augmentation

Cybersecurity staff augmentation helps your organization's IT team through demanding security projects or incidents. RSI Security's experts provide support during audits, security program development, and security breaches, helping your organization's IT team continue to manage their daily IT responsibilities.

Virtual Chief Security Officer

A VCISO will help your organization identify and adopt best security practices without the need for—or recruitment and retainment expenses of—a full-time internal c-suite executive. And with RSI Security, you'll get the expertise of not just one, but a team of security advisory experts.

Social Engineering Assessments

Taking advantage of human nature remains a primary means for attackers to gain unauthorized access to facilities, assets, and data. RSI Security will help your organization conduct a social engineering assessment and help ensure personnel follows cybersecurity best practices.

Security Awareness Support

Security awareness training is a critical part of a successful cyber security program. RSI's security advisory services include ongoing training to teach your personnel how to identify potential threats and avoid actions that could create security vulnerabilities.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

The benefits of SOC make it a critical core part of an organization's IT infrastructure. RSI Security will guide you on how to build a SOC and maintain it efficiently with SOC best practices to maximize cyberdefense ROI.

Client-Specific Security Program Strategies - Assessment, Development, Remediation

Get precisely the security advisory and management services that your organization needs. RSI works with your organization to develop customized security strategies, perform specialized assessments, and swiftly respond to incidents.


Why partner with RSI Security for Cybersecurity Advisory Services?

Our security services to your organization are built on the following core values:


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