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What is a Cybersecurity Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

What is a Cybersecurity Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

A well-designed cybersecurity incident response plan (IRP) is essential in effectively responding to security breaches. But unless your cyber incident response plan is put to the test, it’s tough to know how your cyber defenses will perform under duress. That’s where conducting a cybersecurity incident response tabletop exercise can help.

RSI Security can help your organization conduct an incident response tabletop exercise as a real-world stress test of your IRP. We’ll help you determine if your cyber incident response plan is outdated or needs improvement. Practice makes perfect when it comes to incident response, so performing an incident response tabletop exercise aids your entire team in preparation.

Incident response exercises help everyone involved in cybersecurity at your company clarify and familiarize themselves with their roles in the event of a cyber incident or breach. So when an attack does happen, each individual will respond quickly, efficiently, and in unison.

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How to Implement an Incident Response Plan

Before conducting a tabletop incident response exercise, you need a detailed cybersecurity incident response plan. You can then begin deciding which incident response plan tabletop exercise scenarios that you want to test.

Your information security incident management procedures should be covered in your incident response plan, and implemented in the following phases:

  1. Prepare Your Team
  2. Identify Potential Threats
  3. Define Containment Strategies
  4. Perform Threat Eradication
  5. Back and Recovery Planning
  6. Post-Mortem Procedures
  7. Training and Education

Implementing a cybersecurity incident response plan takes teamwork, attention to detail, and intelligent use of technology. An excellent incident response plan forms the basis of which tabletop exercise scenarios you choose and how you’ll conduct them.

Developing Incident Response Tabletop Scenarios

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One of the most common incident response tabletop exercise scenarios. See you how your incident response plan handles multiple forms of malware hacking and penetration by conducting a tabletop exercise with the experts at RSI Security.

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Learn how your private cloud -- as well as your third-party vendor ecosystem -- performs against cloud-specific attacks. Conducting a cloud exercise will help enhance data in the cloud. Your information security incident response policy should be focused on guarding the cloud.

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To get to your sensitive data, hackers first must enter your network. Conducting a tabletop exercise incident response exercise can help you seal off entryways before hackers get to them first. Ensure the backbone of your technology stack is safe and secure at all times.

Benefits of Running An Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

Incident response exercises are designed to simulate an actual cyberattack and/or data breach to test the efficacy of your incident response plan. Conducting a data breach tabletop exercise gives organizations, businesses, and IT teams confidence that any cyber-crisis will be handled as quickly and effectively as possible.

Performing incident response plan tabletop exercise scenarios benefits your business as follows:

Increase understanding of threats

Evaluate incident preparedness

Identify response plan deficiencies

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Validate response plan tactics

Assess resource capabilities

Improve overall cyber hygiene

Employ clear decision making 

Incident response tabletop exercises will help you better understand potential threats, test the limits of your response plan, and identify key areas for improvement.


Why Work With RSI Security For Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

RSI Security has over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, compliance, and successfully implementing cybersecurity incident response plans. Prior to conducting any incident response exercises, we’ll develop an understanding of your organization’s threat profile, technology environment, and internal processes.

We’ll help formulate the right incident response plan tabletop exercise scenarios, and conduct incident response exercise to probe weaknesses in your systems, processes, or technologies. RSI Security can conduct on-site exercises with your team, and even inject different scenarios in real-time based on potential weak points.

Being prepared with your cyber incident response plan is one thing. Knowing that it works -- and is battle-tested by the experts at RSI Security -- will help your organization stay ahead of hackers and cybercriminals.


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