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What is C3PAO Assessment?

Most Organizations seeking Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) at Level 2 need to work with a Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO).

C3PAOs provide both assessment and advisement services that streamline all elements of CMMC. Working with a C3PAO helps organizations achieve and maintain CMMC 2.0 compliance more efficiently. In turn, these organizations can work on more lucrative Department of Defense (DoD) contracts with fewer obstacles, maximizing their opportunities while strengthening their security posture and creative competitive advantages. C3PAO assessment services unlock the potential of DoD contractors, enabling efficacy immediately and at scale.

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The Benefits of C3PAO Assessment Services

CMMC 2.0 is a challenging regulatory framework for organizations to comply with because of the depth and breadth of controls it requires. There’s also a dynamism to implementation, as the framework is still fairly new and undergoing changes even as organizations are installing all the required controls and preparing for assessment. There’s nothing easy about the process.


However, working with a C3PAO makes CMMC 2.0 compliance accessible. Benefits include:

  • In-depth scoping that accounts for scheduling, resources, and other considerations
  • Guidance through the complexities and challenges of framework implementation
  • Comprehensive assessment and reporting to secure DoD compliance certification
  • Cost-effective maintenance of required controls and future recertification audits
  • Future-proofing assistance navigating any potential changes to CMMC rules

By working with a C3PAO partner, you’ll be prepared for seamless, long-term compliance

How Are C3PAOs Different From Other Assessors?

A C3PAO is a third party assessment provider that has undergone rigorous vetting by the Cyber-AB (formerly the CMMC Accreditation Body). Part of the qualification C3PAOs go through is ensuring their own ISO/IEC 17020 compliance. Other qualifying tests include a Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) assessment, a Dun and Bradstreet risk analysis, and a full CMMC Level 2 assessment carried out by the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Assessment Center (DIBCAC), among other government and third-party reviews.

These processes make C3PAOs eligible to assess and certify that organizations have installed CMMC protections and are ready to work securely on DoD contracts. Once recognized, C3PAOs are listed by the Cyber-AB so that contractors can find secure assessors in a centralized location. For Level 2 DoD contractors that require third-party assessments, the only assessors they can work with to ensure compliance are C3PAOs.


What Is the Role of a C3PAO in CMMC 2.0 Compliance?

Most organizations at CMMC Level 2 will need to work with a C3PAO on their CMMC security assessment for certification. C3PAOs can also provide other utilities to current and prospective DoD contractors. Consider the scope of C3PAO and CMMC certification services we provide:

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Preparation and Implementation

RSI Security helps DoD contractors understand the full scope of CMMC 2.0 controls required, including 110 requirements at Level 2. We advise and facilitate implementation, including building or acquiring systems to meet or exceed the DoD’s standards for CMMC 2.0, then conduct readiness assessments to ensure seamless official audits.

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Certification Assessment

RSI Security is a Cyber-AB listed C3PAO offering full CMMC 2.0 assessment services. Organizations at Level 2 that require third party assessments must contact a C3PAO to assess and report on their control implementation. Following a successful audit, the C3PAO uploads relevant documents for follow-up assessment by governmental agencies.

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Compliance Maintenance

After obtaining CMMC 2.0 certification, organizations need to maintain it long-term. A successful Level 2 audit grants compliance for three years with recertification annually. After that, triennial assessments are required to satisfy existing DoD contract scopes of work and compete for future DoD contracts. RSI Security facilitates continuous CMMC 2.0 compliance.

How to Secure CMMC 2.0 Compliance in Five Steps

CMMC assessors and advisors help organizations achieve and maintain CMMC 2.0 compliance by streamlining the preparation, implementation, and formal assessment required. Working with a quality CMMC 2.0 partner makes the entire CMMC compliance process straightforward.

Organizations can follow a simple, five-step process to ensure long-term compliance:

Step 1: Scoping – Working with a C3PAO or advisor, organizations determine which Level applies to them and which controls and testing will be required, now and in the future.

Step 2: Implementation – Organizations acquire, develop, or otherwise implement cybersecurity controls up to their target CMMC Level specification (15, 110, or 110+).

Step 3: Assessment Prep – Organizations conduct readiness assessments and contact a C3PAO or government agency to schedule and official testing and reporting if required.

Step 4: Certification – Working with a C3PAO, organizations assess and report on their findings, then submit their forms to the DoD for certification.

Step 5: Re-certification – Working with the same assessor or advisors (if any), organizations re-assess and re-certify on annual or triennial bases, as necessary.

Selecting a quality assessor or advisor that tailors preparation and assessment processes to your organization’s needs is essential to streamlining and simplifying the process.

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RSI Security is a C3PAO, vetted and listed by the Cyber-AB. We’ve gone through the rigors of ISO and CMMC testing and are uniquely positioned to help both current and potential DoD contractors achieve and maintain compliance so they can win lucrative DoD contracts.

In fact, RSI Security has helped numerous DoD contractors and service organizations protect their CUI by providing NIST 800-171 compliance advisory and assessment services. Our experts leverage over two decades of collective experience implementing and assessing NIST and other frameworks that CMMC is based upon. We’re committed to helping organizations rethink their cyberdefense architecture to achieve continuous compliance seamlessly and efficiently. To get started on your journey, schedule a CMMC Assessment today! Or, get in touch to learn more about RSI Security’s C3PAO services.


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