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No matter how much you spend, no matter how complex the technology, no matter how rigorous or punitive the compliance requirements are, investments in technical cybersecurity mitigation measures by themselves will never be enough.

Even if your cyber security defenses in place stop 99.9% of all attempted data breaches, it can take just a single click on a malicious link by a distracted employee, such as through phishing emails, to lock up your entire system or to introduce damaging viruses.

As much faith as we have in our employees to be vigilant against cyber threats, responsible companies must nevertheless plan for lapses and put in place rigorous and ongoing training and awareness programs.

One Time Training Isn't Enough

It’s not enough to put new and existing employees through a 1 hr security training session (perhaps mingled with company history videos, performance expectations, harassment training, etc) and expect perfect execution to counter potential hacks or damaging security incidents.

In the course of a busy work day, a very official looking email could come in from a spoofed executive account, “authorizing” the release of funds, or requesting a password or special phrase.

Cyber security training in classroom

Continuous Security Awareness Training

Notice of phishing emails

These data breach tactics evolve in sophistication every day, and so we all need to be kept aware of threats in general as well as how it might now present itself. To help keep our clients informed of the threats of today (and tomorrow) RSI offers comprehensive web-based security awareness training that integrates formal training programs with mock phishing attacks that simulate the look and feel of a real social engineered attack.

Given the potential damage of a breach, security concerns need to stay top of mind for everyone in your organization, for such our mock attacks are deployed at random, in various forms. If the employee falls for one of these simulated attacks, an administrator is informed, setting up an opportunity for further training and to understand broader context of why the breach was made possible.

Was the employee simply distracted? Was the attack messaging type new and unique? Was it guised in official looking documents such as a Microsoft Word file? Was it a link hidden in a FedEx tracking email? Whether pass or fail, our training programs provide valuable metrics to company administrators to understand their specific threat attack surface, and can provide insights on how to proactively counter future breach attempts and keep sensitive data away from those with unauthorized access.

RSI Security Can Help

RSI’s security awareness training program encompasses a vast and diverse library of over 400 types of training content. Beyond videos, our content includes interactive modules, timely newsletters, even games. We educate your employees on what to look out for, whether spam, phishing, spear-phishing, malware and social engineering -- all applicable to their daily functions.

Don’t wait to let actual breach attempts train your employees! We are all the tip of the spear in this high stakes cyber fight. Contact RSI today for a demo and learn how our security awareness training programs will keep everyone sharp and ready to counter the threats on our doorstep.

Graph of Phishing Attacks going down over time

Our Training Program includes the following services:

Unlimited Phishing Security Tests​

Automated Security Awareness Program

Security ‘Hints & Tips’

Training Access Level I

Automated Training Campaigns​

Crypto-Ransom Guarantee

Phish Alert Button

Phishing Reply Tracking

Active Directory Integration

Training Access Level II

Monthly Email Exposure Check

Vishing Security Test

Smart Groups

Social Engineering Indicators

EZXploit™ - “Automated Human Pentesting”

USB Drive Test

Vulnerable Browser Plugin Detection

Priority Level Support

Training Access Level III

AIDA™ Artificial Intelligence-driven Agent BETA

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