Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Scanner

Primary Account Number (PAN) Scanner

Add an early warning system to your compliance toolbox. Discovery and Detection of confidential customer information made easy!

Industry studies reveal that over two-thirds of businesses store unencrypted payment card, social security, or driver’s license data on their business systems and network. RSI’s PII / PAN scanner reveals your potential liability exposure by detecting confidential client information that you (or your employees) may have inadvertently stored on your system.

PII / PAN data stored in your network, logs, hard drives, or files will increase scope & liability for you and benefit cybercriminals. Using a methodology and proven technology to scan and detect stored card data can help you reduce liability and ensure compliance with PCI DSS, NY DFS, FINRA, and GDPR regulations. You are able to scan your system as many times as needed to monitor any changes / additions of PII / PAN data to your data environment.

Our scanner will detect the records that exist (Name, Social Security, Credit Card) as well as report how many reside on your system. Contact us today for a free download and assurance that you can validate compliance.

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