HITRUST CSF Certification and Assessment


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What is HITRUST CSF Certification?

A top priority for all healthcare organizations is to protect patient and other sensitive healthcare information, which entails compliance with a growing range of regulations. Staying on top of all the relevant standards can be daunting for stakeholders across a broad array of healthcare service organizations, associates, and vendors.

The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) provides a comprehensive, risk-based certifiable framework that helps healthcare service providers of all types, sizes, and complexity integrate compliance with a wide range of regulations, standards, and best practices.

HITRUST introduced and maintains the Common Security Framework (CSF) that provides a process to standardize Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and coordinate it with other national and international data security frameworks and many state laws.

By integrating more than 20 different requirements and processes the HITRUST CSF Certification allows healthcare organizations to perform a single assessment to certify compliance with multiple initiatives (including a HIPAA compliance audit).

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Is HITRUST necessary?

While HIPAA provides defined penalties for data security breaches, HITRUST enforcement is largely driven and managed by the healthcare industry. The industry has seen swift adoption of HITRUST, and through hospitals and payers requiring certification, it is gaining ground as an expectation for service providers and vendors.

HITRUST certification is not always required during the adoption of new technology, however, it provides opportunities to streamline security and compliance as part of the implementation process.

As your organization adopts new technology, we can help with a HITRUST assessment to streamline information security as part of the implementation process.

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Why adopt the HITRUST

Single Framework

HITRUST provides a single framework that synchronizes existing global security regulations and standards including HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, PCI DSS, ISO, FTC, COBIT, and GDPR.


Scales controls to organizations of any size, type, and complexity.

Increased Security

Provides opportunities to improve your organization’s security posture and risk management processes.

Reputational Advantage

If you’re a service provider or vendor that supports the healthcare industry, HITRUST can provide a competitive advantage that increases your business value and reputation.


If you receive a letter from a customer requiring HITRUST CSF certification, you can already be proactively prepared with a certified data security program.


Achieve HITRUST CSF Certification

HITRUST CSF provides three options or Degrees of Assurances, which are largely levels of CSF assessment. Below are the Degrees of Assurance first describing the level with the lowest cost, rigor, time, and effort:


Self Assessment

This is an assessment completed by an organization itself without external support to verify the assessment. HITRUST issues a CSF Self-Assessment Report that achieves a low-level non-certified accreditation. The self-assessment is also an excellent method to use periodically to assess and verify an organization’s data security posture. Gaps identified during the assessment can be addressed and any required system changes implemented before considering a third-party validated assessment.


CSF Validated

This level requires that a HITRUST approved third-party CSF assessor verify the evidence provided by the organization completing the assessment. The CSF Assessor will conduct an onsite visit as required for this Degree of Assurance. HITRUST reviews the completed, assessor-verified assessment and issues a Validated Report.


CSF Certified

This level is similar to the validated assessment with the main difference that the organization meets all of the in-scope CSF-specific controls to be granted a HITRUST CSF Certification. The certified level builds on the CSF Validated assessment as HITRUST reviews, scores, and certifies the evidence provided by the organization and validated by the third-party assessor and issues a Certified Report.


Why Choose RSI Security?

RSI Security is a full-service security service provider organization with many years of experience providing data security compliance, information security program implementation, and testing services.

As an authorized HITRUST CSF Assessor, RSI Security has HITRUST Practitioners and advisors with the expertise to provide the guidance and knowledge your organization requires to successfully complete a HITRUST CSF Validation or Certification. With our HITRUST compliance services, our qualified security advisors can get you started for success scoping the coverage for your assessment and facilitating the self-assessment process to reduce the cost, time, and resources.

As your organization adopts new technology, we can help with a HITRUST assessment to streamline information security compliance as part of the implementation process.



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Start taking steps now to ensure HITRUST certification and avoid costly data-breach-related litigation and damage to business reputation.

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