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Vulnerability Assessment valued at $2,000!

The first step in ensuring your business’ cyber assests are safe and secure is understanding your systems and network environment to determine whether there exists any opportunities for hackers to breach your system.

RSI Security has developed an external vulnerability assessment scan, which will inform you of any gaps that might exist. We can then develop a plan to address those gaps and ensure you’re compliant with security policies.

We believe in giving companies the absolute best opportunity to succeed and fight off cyber threats and hackers. For that reason we are offering this limited time free vulnerability assessment, to give you the opportunity to learn about and patch any potential vulnerabilities in your system. This is an easy and convenient way to take a look at where your system’s cybersecurity currently stands.

Organizations that trust RSI Security

RSI Security enables cybersecurity success with capabilities and services to secure your computers and networks, keeping your client’s confidential information safe.

RSI Security can be your solutions source for both proactive and reactive support. Instead of pursuing antivirus customer support or chasing down a local IT vendor in the event of a security incident, RSI Security can consult with you to design a long term security solution and be your single source of security support through its managed services offering.

*Offer available to organizations who qualify via a call with an RSI Security representative.


Organizations that trust RSI Security

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