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Unlocking Cyber Resilience: The Managed SIEM Key - RSI Security and Sumo Logic Join Forces in a LinkedIn Live Event

[December 6, 2023]


RSI Security


[San Diego, December 6, 2023] – RSI Security, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce a LinkedIn Live event in collaboration with Sumo Logic, a pioneer in cloud-based log management and security analytics. The event, titled "Unlocking Cyber Resilience: The Managed SIEM Key," promises to be a high-level exploration of Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

The LinkedIn Live session features insights from expert speakers from both RSI Security and Sumo Logic. Participants will delve into the intricacies of Managed SIEM, focusing on its critical role in enhancing organizational cybersecurity.


Join us in this high-level exploration of Managed SIEM, a game-changer in cybersecurity. We're excited to have Sumo Logic and RSI Security experts on board as they share insights into why Managed SIEM is crucial for your organization.


Real-Time Security and Real-Life Scenarios:

Dive into SIEM's capabilities, encompassing log management, anomaly detection, network traffic analysis, cloud security monitoring, and user and entity-based analytics (UEBA) to identify potential threats and aid in security incident response. Join our experts as they uncover real-life examples showcasing SIEM in action.


Better Together:

Learn how RSI Security and Sumo Logic work hand-in-hand to provide continuous security monitoring and bridge any potential gaps in your cybersecurity strategy.


Better Together Story:

RSI Security and Sumo Logic is a strategic alliance that synergizes seamlessly to provide unparalleled security solutions. While Managed SIEM is our common foundation, let's look at how we complement each other:


  • Framework Compliance:

Ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations is paramount. RSI Security specializes in framework compliance, a critical aspect of your cybersecurity strategy.


  • Visibility and Empowerment:

SIEM excels in dashboard and notification functionalities, providing real-time alerts and historical data to help your incident response team quickly identify the source of a breach, assess the extent of the damage, and take appropriate action. With both RSI Security and Sumo Logic, your organization’s cybersecurity posture is enhanced with SIEM by assisting in incident detection, response, and compliance management.

Chad Martin, Technical Operations Manager at RSI Security, expresses his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "This LinkedIn Live session is a unique opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to gain valuable insights into the power of Managed SIEM and how RSI Security and Sumo Logic collaborate to strengthen cybersecurity postures."

Don't miss this exclusive event that brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of cybersecurity. To register for the LinkedIn Live session and access the recording, visit here:

About RSI Security:

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