Guardians of Cyber Galaxy: Mastering Third-Party Risk with RSI Security and FortifyData’s Shielded Solutions

Step into the galaxy of cutting-edge cybersecurity in our podcast, where RSI Security collaborates with FortifyData to dissect the intricacies of third-party risk management. Learn about RSI Security's proactive approach, including active vulnerability assessments and real-time updates. 

Understanding Third-Party Risk Management:

  • Emphasize the criticality of third-party risk management, assessing the impact on industries, and evaluating compliance importance and contract limitations.

RSI Security's Solution: Active Third-Party Risk Management:

  • Comprehend RSI Security's Third-Party Risk Managed Service, including active vulnerability assessment, distinguishing between asset and code-based vulnerabilities, and their relevance in third-party risk management.

Benefits of Collaborative Solutions with FortifyData:

  • Evaluate benefits, including resource augmentation, scalability, and active assessment capabilities, of RSI Security's collaboration with FortifyData for cost-effective and security-aligned solutions with potential threat advisories.



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Jeff Messer

With over two decades in cybersecurity, information technology, audit, and risk management, Jeff is a seasoned professional. Specializing in cyber security assessments, compliance audits, and IT controls assessments across diverse industries, including telecommunications, banking, and healthcare, he brings extensive expertise. Active in professional organizations like ISSA and ISACA, Jeff is presently a vCISO Security Assessor at RSI.

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Eric Smith

 Eric Smith is a seasoned technical and operational leader with more than 20 years of experience spanning multiple industries. He is currently the Director of Technical Services Delivery at FortifyData, where he manages customer implementations of FortifyData’s Cyber Risk Management software and provides technical demonstrations of the platform. He is skilled in managing complex environments. Eric frequently speaks at cybersecurity industry events, and during training programs. 


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