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If your organization is required to comply with regulatory frameworks, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is an approach that can help streamline compliance processes. 

GRC services are tools you can leverage to simplify how you achieve compliance or certification and maintain that status year after year.

What is GRC?

To answer the question, “what is a GRC platform?” it helps to understand why you’d need GRC services in the first place.

As cybersecurity threats become more widespread and advanced, organizations need approaches to combat them without placing additional burdens or risks on their staff. One way is to leverage the controls listed in regulatory compliance frameworks to secure their assets without compromising core business functions.

How Does GRC Work?

At most organizations, governance functions via four key components (also called the 4Ps):

  • The People who oversee strategic initiatives (e.g., the C-suite executives)
  • The Purpose of the company, as described in the mission statement
  • The Process(es) by which the organization achieves defined purposes
  • The Performance of the processes driving the overall company-specific purpose

In IT specifically, governance relates to the various ways each of the “Ps” above work together to keep IT operations online while mitigating cybersecurity threats from impacting business.

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ServiceNow’s GRC Service Tools

As threats continuously evolve in today’s IT landscape, organizations must adapt quickly to mitigate security risks in real-time. One of the most effective ways to do so is with the help of integrated digital platform tools like ServiceNow’s GRC services suite of tools.

Policy and Compliance Management

Regulatory framework requirements vary by industry, location, or operational scale.

Proper management is critical to minimizing non-compliance violations. By automating routine compliance processes, you can reduce these gaps and increase the overall effectiveness of regulatory compliance measures in protecting your organization from cybersecurity threats.

Audit Management

Audits are critical to the compliance journey.

Without them, you have limited visibility into which processes or systems work best to help you comply with regulatory controls and keep your sensitive data safe.

As you prepare for audits, ServiceNow’s audit management tools will help streamline internal audits and remediation processes. These tools help scope out the needs of audit engagements beforehand and enhance audit preparedness.

Risk Management

As risks evolve across your IT assets, your organization needs to track these changes.

Tracking changes in IT security risks ensures prompt responses to potential threats before they can escalate into full-blown attacks. 

By leveraging the data aggregation function in ServiceNow, you can determine which risks your organization will face in the short and long term. Effective risk management will then guide you when optimizing security controls to your desired compliance posture.

Unified Compliance Framework

The journey to regulatory compliance also requires integrating various IT governance processes into one robust system that effectively safeguards your organization from cybersecurity threats.

With a unified compliance framework (UFC), you will streamline the seemingly disparate processes required to achieve regulatory compliance.

Report on Compliance

Organizations that process card payments are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) to keep cardholder data (CHD) safe. Level 1 merchants that handle CHD must complete a Report on Compliance (RoC) during a PCI audit.

Preparation for this audit requires sufficient due diligence to ensure the assessment goes smoothly and to minimize the risk of failed assessments. Automating the GRC side of PCI audits will ensure their timely completion and full compliance year-round.

Our GRC Services

Our comprehensive suite of GRC solutions aims to reduce the impact of risks on your business, helping your organization remain fully functional in today’s high-risk IT threat landscape. To keep your organization safe from threats, RSI Security offers a range of GRC services

GRC Services

Value and Benefits of Using GRC Services

Some of the benefits of using GRC services include:

  • Simplified management of complex cybersecurity risks
  • Early detection of threats to your organization’s sensitive assets 
  • Enhanced visibility into assets across your IT infrastructure
  • Streamlined compliance management for independent frameworks
  • Faster incident response processes due to structured security oversight

Working with a trusted GRC services partner will help protect your organization from a wide range of cybersecurity threats.

GRC Solutions

Why Companies Need GRC

Companies need GRC solutions because the security risks associated with technology advancement evolve too fast. As such, it becomes challenging for organizations to meet their operational needs without leaving their assets exposed to these risks.

The most effective way to understand these risks and enact appropriate counter defenses is to develop an integrated view of cybersecurity risk, whether broadly across a regulatory environment or, more specifically, as it relates to your digital assets.

GRC Implementation

ServiceNow GRC Implementation

As an integrated approach to risk management, ServiceNow GRC leverages continuous risk monitoring and process automation. This transforms disparate, manual tasks into efficient, fast processes. Doing so achieves the required standards of security your organization needs.

Regardless of your size, current security implementations, or industry, adopting a ServiceNow GRC platform will enhance your security posture.


ServiceNow GRC Use Cases

GRC solutions are designed to improve the speed at which you detect threats and make decisions about managing the risks related to these threats. ServiceNow’s GRC platform enables robust cybersecurity optimization across your IT and business processes.

Below are some of the ServiceNow GRC use cases:

Guided risk governance

Before you can automate GRC processes, you must first understand how the requirements in various regulations and policies apply to your specific organization. ServiceNow’s GRC platform can help you:

  • Identify process owners across business units and IT assets.
  • Determine which controls are not compliant with existing policies.
  • Minimize common errors encountered during evidence collection.

Vendor risk assessments

Some common security risks invovle third-party vendors who do not readily comply with regulatory framework requirements. With ServiceNow’s GRC tools, you can implement vendor risk management processes such as:

  • Risk-based vendor tiering
  • Vendor risk scoring

Real-time threat monitoring

 ServiceNow’s GRC tools also help you identify threats in real-time to understand the impact of non-compliant security controls on your overall IT infrastructure. With the help of risk indicators and automated data validation, you will achieve greater visibility of the threats to your systems.

Automated risk assessments

Real-time risk tracking is possible with the ServiceNow GRC tool, enabling organizations to qualitatively and quantitatively assess asset risks. This process helps reduce lapses in vulnerability remediation, keeps your security up-to-date, and mitigates threats in the long term.

Based on the ServiceNow GRC use cases described above, your organization will become more effective at handling security threats and lowering the risk of data breaches.


Your GRC Services Partner

Working with a GRC consultant like RSI Security provides you access to comprehensive risk management across your digital real estate. Instead of sourcing governance, risk, and compliance solutions from different vendors, we offer an all-in-one solution to meet your pressing cybersecurity needs.


Why Choose RSI Security for GRC Services?

With extensive experience in the cybersecurity space, RSI Security has worked with leading organizations across the globe to enhance governance, risk, and compliance management to meet industry demands. Whether it’s through a la carte services like threat and vulnerability management or security awareness training, or bundled compliance services, RSI Security will help you optimize your GRC for both immediate protection and long-term efficiency.


Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Services FAQs:

An example of governance, risk, and compliance management at play is when an organization can take card payments at point-of-sale terminals, online, and via other channels. While taking these payments, the organization remains fully compliant with the PCI DSS.

Here, the organization is able to comply with the different scopes of the applicable requirements without compromising its overall security.

GRC typically involves three components:

  • Oversight of security implementation via a robust integrated platform 
  • Risk management via a proven cyber defense strategy
  • Streamlined compliance with various regulatory frameworks

An effective GRC solution meets all three criteria above.

GRC tools help manage the unique risks faced by assets in any organization. Failure to mitigate these risks could compromise the availability of the assets and the integrity of sensitive data. 

When implemented to streamline regulatory compliance, GRC tools will significantly reduce risks to critical assets.

If you are required to comply with regulatory frameworks, your business likely needs GRC services. The goal of these services is to help you achieve and remain compliant with the requirements of these frameworks, protecting your sensitive data and other IT assets.

Additionally, if you face cybersecurity risks such as phishing (or other social engineering threats), gaps in security controls, or similar vulnerabilities, then you need to invest in GRC solutions.


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