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Why Run a PCI ASV Scan?

PCI vulnerability scanning is critical to maintaining regulatory compliance as well as a strong cybersecurity posture. Any company that stores, processes or handles customer payment card transaction details are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

To ensure PCI website compliance and protect your clients’ cardholder payment data, you’ll want to run regular PCI vulnerability scans.

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Meeting PCI Compliance Requirements

A PCI DSS vulnerability scan tests for external network vulnerabilities and help your business meet PCI compliance scanning requirements. A PCI DSS security scan is a mandatory vulnerability scanning requirement for payment processors, banks, merchants or payment card related service providers.

You’ll want to enlist a compliance partner that will use the right PCI DSS scanning tool for your IT environment. Failure to meet PCI DSS ASV requirements can range from fines and restrictions to complete withdrawal of payment processing capabilities. If you want to make sure that your PCI certification is never at risk, you’ll want to conduct regular PCI ASV scans.


The PCI Scanning Process

By choosing RSI Security for your PCI DSS quarterly scan, you’ll ensure that your data and networks are secure - as well as maintain compliance at all times.

To effectively use PCI DSS compliance testing services, you need to be aware of what the process entails.

The RSI Security approach completing your ASV vulnerability assessment and internal PCI network scan covers the following:

  • PCI web application scanning for web services and web APIs
  • Identifying vulnerabilities like SQL Injections and XSS
  • Internal PCI network scan to spot hidden weak points
  • Implementing the right PCI compliance testing software
  • Complete PCI compliance network security assessment

Once you partner with RSI Security for your PCI ASV vulnerability scan, we’ll go through the following steps with you:



Take a deep dive into your critical systems to map out what to scan




Our team will develop the right tools for an effective scan



We’ll conduct and guide you through the entire scan process



RSI Security will help validate the results to ensure accurate insights



Our team will take you through the results and help interpret data



Learn what steps to take that will prevent future hacks or breaches

You’ll work hand-in-hand with our experienced technical and account management staff through the entire PCI vulnerability scanning process for optimal outcomes and success.


Generating ASV Reports

RSI Security will generate a PCI technical report for purposes of compliance reporting and remediation. Our PCI DSS security scan reporting covers the following:

  • Generate PCI vulnerability scan reports for executive review and submission to regulatory bodies.
  • Technical PCI compliance scan report singling out vulnerabilities and prioritizing remediation steps.
  • Certification stating that your organization has met all PCI and ASV scan requirements at present.
  • How to use PCI DSS compliance status reports to maintain compliance year-round on an ongoing basis. 

RSI Security’s team will generate the proper PCI technical reports to both certify that you’re in compliance and determine which cybersecurity gaps need to be filled.


Benefits of PCI Vulnerability Scanning

  • Use a PCI compliant scanning vendor for full certification
  • Receive ready-to-submit PCI website compliance reports
  • PCI compliance quarterly scans for ongoing certification
  • ASV vulnerability self-assessment helps spot weak points
  • Full PCI DSS vulnerability management post-scan guidance
  • Identify coding flaws and errors that lead to vulnerabilities
  • Catch system misconfigurations that expose data or networks
  • Spot complex, second-order cybersecurity and hacking threats
  • Reports detailing specific remediation steps based on scan results
  • Determine shortcomings of your current cybersecurity policy
  • Better understanding of employee cybersecurity best practices
  • Discover weak points in your system that were previously unaddressed
  • Anticipate and prevent future cyberattacks and hacks

Why Choose us

Why Choose RSI Security

Here’s why RSI Security should be your choice for your PCI DSS vulnerability scan:

  • Fully managed PCI ASV scan by our team with no software installation, configuration or maintenance required.
  • RSI Security’s PCI scan cost is flexible and client-friendly. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need.
  • Our technical and account management teams will provide constant one-on-one support throughout PCI security testing.
  • The entire PCI network vulnerability scan process will be managed by a verified ASV consultant or specialist. 


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