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Has your Wi-Fi Security been KRACK’d?

The tech media has made considerable hay of the threat and implications of the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) protocol flaw / attack known as “KRACK” -- Key Reinstallation AttaCK. And while the vulnerability does reveal legitimate security concerns, the real-world implications aren’t as panic-inducing as it’s been made out to be.


PCI Requirement Changes in 2018

There are a few significant PCI requirement changes to be aware of in 2018, particularly on these two dates: Feb 1 and June 30.

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Engineering Malicious Macros

Today’s security blog puts forth a litany of eye-glazing Cybersecurity terms like “Macro-Laden”, “OpenDNS”, “Social Engineering”, and its ilk. But stick around till the end, as we’ll detail how hackers continue to exploit both system and human vulnerabilities, and point out a few security layers that exist to foil their attempts.