Phishing attacks are the security bane of companies of all sizes, in all industries. A seemingly innocuous email can actually be a spoofed message sent by increasingly sophisticated hackers seeking to infiltrate your network via a simple click.

These “social engineering” scams are effective because they take advantage of our tendency to “click first, think later”, especially if we believe the source of the link to be from a trusted source. Financial advisors should consider a multi-faceted approach to confronting Phishing attacks -- continuous employee awareness training, anti-Phishing plugins / toolbars, etc.

Another very effective Cybersecurity measure is to implement Cisco Umbrella (formerly known as OpenDNS) -- effectively an internet filter that restricts clicks/links from launching malicious websites, thereby preventing viruses or malware from locking up your system or exposing confidential client data to hackers.

Deploying Umbrella is a cost-effective solution, but requires optimization and best deployment methodology for maximum effectiveness. Contact RSI for a free, no obligation consultation on how Umbrella can be implemented for proactive phishing protection.

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How it works:

How Cisco Umbrella works