Cybersecurity Services for Cetera & First Allied Advisors

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Providing your client base with expert financial advice and services while also working to ensure your systems are secure from hackers is complex and time consuming. RSI deploys best-in-class tools and solutions to keep you secure and lets you focus on your customers.

Cetera’s security policies are numerous in scope -- addressing viruses, suspect emails, intrusion prevention, firewall monitoring, identity access, to name a few. It’s time inefficient and onerous for financial advisors to understand the scope and manage cybersecurity processes on their own.

RSI has configured a streamlined solution to assess your current security posture and patch any gaps that exist. We can work with you on point-in-time compliance or establish ongoing protection via our managed security services.

RSI can be your centralized point of accountability -- instead of trying to integrate numerous tools on your own, or working with a generalist “IT guy”, work with a Cybersecurity specialist that understands your small financial business. We’ve partnered with firms like yours, such as HD Vest and FINRA, to keep systems and customer data secure. Contact RSI today.

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