Providing your client base with expert financial advice and services while also working to ensure your systems are secure from hackers is complex and time consuming. RSI deploys best-in-class cybersecurity tools and solutions that allow you to focus on your business and customers.

RSI enables 1st Global advisor cybersecurity success with capabilities and services to secure your computers and networks, keeping your client’s personally identifiable information (PII) safe.

RSI can be your solutions source for both proactive and reactive support. Instead of pursuing antivirus customer support or chasing down a local IT vendor in the event of a security incident, RSI can consult with you to design a long term security solution and be your single source of security support through its managed services offering.

Free Automated Security Assessment

The first step is in understanding your systems and network environment to determine whether there exists any opportunities for hackers to breach your system.

RSI has developed a quick and easy automated security scan for 1st Global Advisors. This is a free automated scan that will inform you of any gaps that might exist. We can then develop a plan to address those gaps and ensure you’re compliant with 1st Global security policies.

This free security assessment scan is approved by 1st Global. It is read only, won’t affect any of your files or system, and is seamless after a quick call with a RSI engineer (request this by filling out the form to the right).

Free Online Survey

Alternately, you are welcome to take our free online survey to gauge the strength and security of your network. This survey was developed in conjunction with FINRA’s Cybersecurity assessment, and aligns with 1st Global policies (available by clicking the link below).

Download our 1st Global Services Data Sheet Here